Operational Solutions

Jedvice’s Newest Physical Security Solution.

Jedvice has developed a unique and powerful system that significantly enhances the operation of security installations of all kinds. The system is designed to prevent and/or mitigate successful intrusions by taking advantage of a combination of technologies and advanced algorithms developed by the company.

The core technology of the solution provides essential early warning from individual guard posts and patrols as well as from field deployed sensors that enable rapid response to block any intruder or threat. The system is capable of providing both guard posts and patrols with situational awareness and instant response in such a way that prevents false alarms from negatively interfering with the site’s security operations.

The system was developed based on successful implementations, protecting satellite communities especially in contested areas and protecting individual fixed sites, especially a prison complex housing incarcerated terrorists.


  • Full situational awareness
  • Solves monitoring bottlenecks
  • Easy dispatching of events
  • Responders get tactical advantage
  • Reduced operational expenses
  • Boosts security services level

Don’t Just Record Evidence
Intercept the Intruder !